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Beautiful Hardwood Flooring On Sale

Hardwood is one of the most easily recognizable flooring choices. The combination of its beauty and long-lasting quality as a floor covering has made hardwood flooring an attractive choice to homeowners for centuries. Now customers in Old Saybrook can get this fine flooring option at a fraction of the price by shopping with Olympic Flooring. We provide low prices on dozens of hardwood species and our quality installation services. You can order your flooring from a nearby location and have it delivered to your doorstep. Then you have the option of requesting our professional installation team, with licensed and experienced installers at your service. Everything you need for a home improvement project and a new hardwood floor can be found in one place.

Characteristics of Hardwood

What sets hardwood apart from other flooring materials? There are a number of great reasons to choose hardwood. Many of the benefits that this floor option offers come straight from nature. But recent technology has made it possible to place hardwood in more areas of the home and in different climates. Best of all, this floor covering is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Here are some of the best reasons to consider hardwood flooring for your home:

  • Engineered hardwood makes it possible to place wood floors almost anywhere. In the past, installing hardwood in the basement or laundry room might have seemed risky. But using a layering technique and sturdy finishes, this floor covering is changing the way that we look at wood floors. Engineered hardwood tends to fare better in moist environments than traditional solid hardwood. It needs less time to adjust to moisture levels, which makes installation quicker.
  • Solid hardwood is long-lasting and beautiful. Solid hardwood is a classic choice for a number of reasons. For one, it lasts for decades with proper care. When the surface becomes dull, it is easy to sand and refinish the floors. It is also known for its neat, clean seams when installed. It tends to last longer than other types of flooring simply on the basis that it can be restored and is unlikely to buckle under pressure.
  • Both domestic and exotic hardwood species are available. Variety is part of what makes home improvement fun and exciting for homeowners. There are more choices in our collection, and with great prices on both domestic and exotic products, customers can have their pick. We also offer a number of stains and finishes so that you get the looks that you love.
  • Quality is guaranteed. This applies to both our products and our installation services. Customers deserve the best flooring materials and the finest service. We provide both at affordable prices so that more homeowners can improve their houses without going over their budget. Customer service is always available. We can even help you learn more about the manufacturer’s warranty for your floors to save you time and money in the future.

Getting the best is easy when you have local experts on hand. Contact the flooring professionals at Olympic Flooring and see our collection of quality hardwood. We provide products and installation in Old Saybrook at the best prices! Call (860) 785-2737 to speak with a consultant today.

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